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  1. karan malhotra says:

    i wanna spend one night with u

  2. karan malhotra says:

    u r so gorgeous at this age ………i m mad abt u ………i really like u………..u r so hot

  3. g$d says:

    your are the best pornstar ever , you really give your videos everything…..!!!!!

  4. g$d says:

    your video with mick blue of naughty office is one of the best…..!!!!!

  5. schneider says:

    Hi Julia,

    I have a question. How come you dont cum or squirt even after having sex for 30 minutes? Is there something behind it or its just that you dont reach the pinnacle point at all?

    thanks for your reply in advance!

    Yours lovingly

  6. raghav says:

    hey julia, you shud be tired hearin this but you are the hottest woman ever in this universe.. kkTh

  7. madool madool says:

    Miss julia how much is penis
    and men which make you satisfied
    with his penis
    want to have a girlfriend like her taste
    Miss Julia a big breasts
    and body steady
    Miss jul reply…

  8. stuart says:

    wow julia would love to buy your sexy worn panties please send details xx.

  9. Aslam says:

    Hii julieee ima grt fan of u… Lov uuuu

  10. zabi says:

    hello julia

  11. zabi says:

    you here julia my love

  12. Shiraz says:

    Hello Madam Julia. You are so beautiful and one of the hottest women around. I want to schedule a meeting visit with you. Where do you reside? Please send your contact details for appointment. Take care.

  13. Alfred Armstrong says:

    I have a BIG Dick and Long… I will give to Julia Ann
    W : 30 cm
    H : 20 cm

    Try me

  14. Alfred Armstrong says:

    Sory… Wrong

    W : 40cm
    H : 28 cm

    Book me And ladies will know the real heaven is Fuck with BIG DiCK


  15. Cherry says:

    Hi Miss Julia ann,
    You are the pornstar ever in the universe.
    Your way acting like stepmom and son that
    Movies are awesome to watch. I wanna spend
    More n more hours with you. I admired you a lot.
    You have gorgeous face to see. I like you so much.
    I love your all activities…. I support yu always….
    Keep rocking in adult industry…..!!!

    By your die hard fucking Fan,

  16. Cherry says:

    Hey julia,
    I wanna fuck yu….!!!babe

  17. M Usman says:

    Hello my darling Julia I love your all activities in porn style I love you too dear I purpose you and you give me the chance with you any time one night full enjoy with you my darling please I wait your msg again my heart say to you I love you too and I fucking you hard method

  18. mario montemayor says:

    Hello Julia ann
    you are thee most beautiful woman in the world , and a very sexy looking one at that , your the greatest julia ann . would love to buy some of your worn items and have you sign them for me . and would like your address to send you some photos for you to sign for me , thank you julia .
    your one hot looking woman .

    your number one fan


  19. Viswa says:

    Hii julia ann m big fan of u .your videos all r awesome really I enjoyed a lot special stepmom videos it’s mind blowing . I want frm u make some videos as indian mom or stepmom I want see as indian sexy stepmom I really want to see u this is my humble request u pls

  20. Viswa says:

    Hiii Julia and we r waiting for ur video make some thing different with indian saree u will look sexy it my promise make some video like crazy indian stepmom nobody in ur industry never try why don’t try this Indians r so hungry they like affairs videos there r crazy about this stuff.i request to production whoever just increase ur business in India peoples eagerly waiting for u .indian sexy stepmom just think about it it’s routine videos some thing doing crazy u will be eating more money it’s my promise I like do with Lisa ann but she retired so now u term love u

  21. Aric says:

    HI julia love u let’s chat.text me

  22. Prince says:

    I want to join your XXX Industry how is the process to get in to your Industry, no matter what ever it takes I wanna be a Pornstar like you baby.. do call me for further process I’m all ready for you Julia Ann…
    Rply to my mail..

  23. stuart says:

    love to buy your panties please sell me some your so sexy xxxxx.

  24. Cathryn Sokal says:

    Hi, where buy big dildo online? I need 12″ inche. thanks for sharing.

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